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Scholarships by Area of Study

A number of college scholarships are handed out to students who want to learn about a particular subject. For instance, there are special scholarships for prospective teachers, nurses, and engineers. These scholarships often are accompanied by opportunities for internships and careers after school. If you are interested in any of the fields listed below, you should definitely take a look at the links.

Many of these college scholarships are offered by private concerns. If so, it is a good idea to research the organization that endows the scholarship. Just as you would be wise to learn a little bit about your potential boss before a big job interview, you should investigate the mission statement and values of the group that endows a desirable scholarship. By taking the time to learn about the scholarship provider, you are proving your sincere interest in making the most of the scholarship. In addition, since many of the groups offering these scholarships are businesses as well, you may be able to secure a great scholarship and your first job.

The same lesson holds true for public scholarships. These funds are allocated to deserving students by federal, state, and local governments. In some cases, the funding comes from a private source but is parceled out by the government. Regardless, these college scholarships are a great opportunity for students looking to make connections in their chosen field and start building a fantastic resume.

At the bottom of this page, there are links to some of the best sources for subject-area scholarships. The competition for these college scholarships is often intense, so you should start your research and application as soon as possible.

Business School Scholarships

To find business school scholarships in your area, check with local chapters of professional organizations and associations first. Most of this information is available on the internet as well as in your telephone directory.

The following incomplete list of National Groups is provided to get you started.

American Accounting Association
American Marketing Association
American Women's Society of Certified Public Accountants
Association of School Business Officials
Business and Professional Women's Foundation
Government Finance Officers Association
Institute of Management Accountants
National Association for the Self-Employed
National Black MBA Association
National Business Association
National Society for Accountants
Public Relations Society of America
Rainbow Business and Professional Association

Regional Groups
Contact your local Chamber of Commerce, high schools, and post-secondary educational institutions for information on scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid.

High Schools
Meet with a guidance counselor to determine what scholarships are available and whether they match your academic interests. Most counselors are equipped with this kind of information or can at least give you some contact numbers to follow-up with.

If you are currently attending or plan to attend a university to pursue a degree in Business, contact the Business Program Advisor, as well as any faculty in the department to provide you with scholarship information and current opportunities. Most college or university-level Business Programs have complete listings of the types of scholarships that are available and the requirements for eligibility. Some scholarships are offered directly through the school, and others are offered privately through organizations that support the school.

A surprising number of local businesses offer scholarships, grants, and other kinds of awards to employees, their spouses, and/or children. Oddly enough, the vast majority of people are totally unaware of these opportunities. The reason for this lack of awareness is partly due to how companies often package employee benefits programs. In many instances, this type of funding is wrapped up in a benefits package that requires the employee to do some investigating in order to learn more.

Community Organizations
Community-based membership groups are organized to raise money and offer scholarship awards to their eligible members. Requirements for eligibility vary with each group. The following groups have a long history of supporting educational fund-raising:

4-H Club
Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts of America
Rotary Club
Lions Club

Other Sources
Other sources for business scholarships include government agencies, educational associations, fraternities, and sororities.

Beta Alpha Psi
Delta Mu Delta
Future Business Leaders of America
Government Finance Officers Association
Military Benefits Association
Daughters of the American Revolution

Which is Better?
Local organizations are usually less competitive than national organizations. For that reason, begin your search on the local level first.

Engineering Scholarships

Here are just a few of the many available engineering scholarships.

The Engineering Scholarship for Minority Students is funded by General Motors and the League of United Latin American Citizens. Eligibility requires full-time enrollment in an accredited university, African-American, Hispanic, or American Indian descent, and a minimum GPA of 3.2.

The NACME Pre-Engineering Student Scholarship recognizes outstanding African-American, Latino, and American Indian High School seniors who have demonstrated academic achievement and a commitment to pursue Engineering as a career. Recipients receive up to $1,500 toward the cost of attending an accredited institution. Eligibility requires U.S. citizenship or permanent residency, demonstrated financial need, enrollment as a Pre-Engineering or Engineering student, and a minimum GPA of 2.8.

Emerging Leaders in Engineering awards outstanding students up to $5,000 annually. Scholarships are funded by corporate and private donors. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic excellence, leadership potential, and educational/career goals.

The HP Scholar Program provides $12,000 scholarships, paid internships, and mentoring to students with possible career interests with HP. Eligibility requires majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. Interested applicants must be of African-American, Hispanic, or American Indian descent with a demonstrated interest in math, science, and engineering.

The Society for Women Engineers awards scholarships to women currently pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Computer Science, and ABET accredited Engineering programs. Recipients of SWE scholarships may receive awards from $1,000 to $10,000 per scholarship. Eligibility requires U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status. Applicants must be enrolled as full-time students or be accepted for enrollment in an ABET/CSAB accredited Engineering or Computer Science program. In addition, all applicants must maintain a 3.5/4.0 GPA and currently be receiving no outside funding (e.g., through the U.S. Armed Forces or employer reimbursement).

The AES Engineering Scholarship provides award opportunities to high school seniors and students attending post-secondary educational institutions. Current enrollment in engineering classes is not required. To apply, students must submit a written essay in response to one of two questions. Written essays must not exceed 1,000 words in length. Award amount is $500. No application packet is required. Submit essay to:

Other Engineering Scholarship Programs

A.T. Anderson Memorial Program
Advancing Hispanic Excellence in Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science Scholarship (AHETEMS)
AFCEA General John A. Wickham Scholarship
American Chemical Society Scholars Program
American Nuclear Society Scholarship
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
American Society of Naval Engineers Scholarship
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Boeing Engineering Scholarship
Ciencia National Scholarship
Computer Science and Computer Engineering Academic Scholarship
Department of Homeland Security Scholarship
Engineering/Technology Achievement Award
General Motors Engineering Scholarship
HORIZONS Scholarship Program
Lockheed Martin Scholarship
Mexican American Engineers and Scientists Student Scholarship Program (MAES)

Always check with individual university departments for possible scholarship offerings within your department.

Health Professions Scholarship Program

While there are many health professions scholarships available, we chose to highlight one of the most generous to show you what's possible.

The F. Edward Hebert Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is one of the largest and most extensive scholarship packages available in the health care industry. Qualifying recipients receive 100% tuition coverage. Students must maintain full-time enrollment in any accredited graduate degree program in medicine, dentistry, nursing, optometry, psychology, or veterinary science. Medical and dental students may receive an extra $20,000 as a sign-on bonus if they qualify.


U.S. citizenship with an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
Current or prospective enrollment in an accredited graduate program
Full-time enrollment for the duration of the program
Qualification as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserve
The ability to fulfill a service commitment


Applicants must not be receiving financial support from outside sources or
Have previously established a post-graduation service commitment.
Online degrees or programs do not qualify.
Applicants must have completed all undergraduate degree requirements.

Recipients are commissioned as second lieutenants in the U.S. Army Reserve, U.S. Air Force Reserve, or as ensigns in the U.S. Navy Reserve. Award recipients are placed on inactive reserve status throughout their medical training.

Scholarship package includes:

Tuition - 100%
Fees - Most academic fees are paid
Monthly stipend - More than $1,900 per month

Eligibility for stipend and other entitlements:
Not be under suspension
Must be enrolled full-time
Hold USAR Commission
Comply with service agreement
Mandatory books, supplies, and equipment are provided

Scholarship package does not include:

Room, board, and other nonacademic expenses
Extensions to pursue other academic degrees

Active Duty Service requirements include:

Serve forty-five days of active duty for reserve training each year.
Active duty during first two years is served at either a basic training school or at the student's university.
Active duty during third and fourth year is often fulfilled at a military hospital.

Upon graduation:

Promotion to rank of captain (Army, Air Force)
Promotion to rank of lieutenant (Navy)
Serve residency in military or civilian hospital

Service Commitment:

One year of military service for every year of paid schooling
Physicians serve a minimum of two years
Other specialties serve a minimum of three years
Fulfillment of service begins after graduation

To apply, candidates must obtain the following materials:
*U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program application
*Letter of acceptance or proof of enrollment from an accredited graduate/professional school in the U.S. or Puerto Rico
*Three letters of recommendation from non-relatives that address candidate potential for military service as a health care professional
*Official college transcripts
*Test Score Results: MCAT for medicine

See your recruiter for application deadlines and availability of scholarships.

Law School Scholarships

The majority of law school scholarships based upon merit and academic aptitude, but there are a few scholarship programs that consider financial need and interests independently of law specialization.

Scholarships by Specialized Practice Area

The American Intellectual Property Law Foundation offers two annual scholarships for students of Intellectual Property Law. Awards are $10,000 each.

The Jan Jancin Award is also funded by the American Intellectual Property Law Association and the ABA Intellectual Property Law section. The award is $5,000.

The William H. Gates Public Service Law Scholarship is awarded to five, first-year University of Washington law students. The award covers the total cost of college attendance. Recipients must commit to five years of public service law post graduation.

The Hochman Scholarship, UCLA Law School, offers a $15,000 annual award to outstanding students of tax law.

Scholarships Awarded by Location Preference

The Harry A. Blackman Scholarship is awarded to law students enrolled in an accredited U.S. Law School with preference given to Justice Blackman's home state of Minnesota.

The Women's Section of the Contra Costa Bar Association awards two scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 each year to second-year law students with demonstrated community service involvement and interest in women's issues.

Scholarships for Diversity

The American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education offers several $5,000 Legal Opportunity Scholarships annually to ethnic and racial minority students.

For more information on diversity scholarships, contact ABA's Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity and the Council on Legal Education Opportunity.

Scholarships by Law School

The University of California offers 12 scholarships annually. The University of Notre Dame offers 44 scholarships and fellowships annually.

Scholarships by Law Firm

Dykema Gossett, PLLC, $7,500 Diversity Scholarship to second and third- year law students attending the University of Michigan Law School.

Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, Minority Scholarship Program offers 16 scholarships to students attending Northwestern University School of Law and the University of Chicago Law School.

Butler Snow O'Mara Stevens & Canada established the Butler Snow Scholarship on Law Enforcement. The scholarship awards $3,000 a year to numerous students attending the University of Mississippi Law School.

General Law Scholarships

The Federal Circuit Bar Association: Giles Sutherland Rich Memorial Scholarship: awards $10,000 to a law student with interests in the area of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Contact: The Federal Circuit Bar Association,

The Federal Circuit Bar Association: William S. Bullinger Scholarship awards $5,000 to a law student based on financial need. Contact: The Federal Circuit Bar Association,

The Federal Circuit Bar Association: Howard T. Markey Scholarship awards $10,000 to a law student with demonstrated financial need, academic promise, and interest in public service. Contact: The Federal Circuit Bar Association,

Judge John R. Brown Scholarship Foundation: Brown Award for Excellence in Legal Writing awards $10,000 to any law student currently enrolled (J.D., LL.B degree program). There is no page limit or topic restriction, but the writing must concern a legal topic. Submit four copies of original legal writing to: Judge John R. Brown Scholarship Foundation, c/o Kenneth G. Engerrand, Brown Sims, P.C., Tenth Floor, 1177 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027-9007. Include a letter of recommendation by a law school faculty or legal professional.

MBA Scholarships

Here are a few MBA scholarships to choose from, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Don't limit your search!

The NBMBAA Collegiate Chapter Scholarship Program offers up to $5,000 in scholarship awards to student members of local collegiate chapters who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership skills, and a record of service to community. To apply for this scholarship, students must write a two-page essay on a topic concerning graduate business administration (see the NBMBAA website for details).

Eligibility: Full-time enrollment in an accredited undergraduate program as a degree-seeking major (freshman through senior year)
Membership in a local collegiate chapter

Mail official, sealed, and stamped copies of high school and college transcripts to: National Black MBA Association
Collegiate Chapter Scholarship Program
180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60601
A resume of two pages in length must be submitted online.

The NBMBAA Graduate Scholarship Program awards up to $15,000 to twenty-five qualified recipients based upon their submissions to an annual essay contest. Selection criteria are also based upon GPA, verbal communication skills, as well as involvement in student-related activities. Essay submissions are completed online and must not be more than two pages in length. Applicants may choose to write on one of two provided topics. (See the NBMBAA website for details.)

Full-time enrollment in an accredited college or university graduate business
program located in the U.S. or Canada
Willingness to participate in media events
Willingness to gain membership in the NBMBAA
Submit resume (online).

Mail official, sealed, stamped copies of transcripts to:
National Black MBA Association, Inc.
Graduate Scholarship Program
180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60601

The NBMBAA Ph.D. Fellowship Program awards two fellowships each year ranging in amounts from $5,000 to $15,000 to qualified recipients. Selection criteria include the submission of a scholarly paper on a research topic, GPA, verbal communication skills, and a record of active participation in community service interests.

Full-time enrollment in a business, management, or related doctoral program
Scholarly paper on a topic related to your field (See the NBMBAA website for details)

Mail official, sealed, stamped copies of graduate transcripts to:
National Black MBA Association, Inc.
180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60601

Fellowship Recipient Requirements

Must accept lifetime NBMBAA membership Must actively participate in a local NBMBAA chapter
Provide a digital photo for publicity purposes
Provide a current CV or resume
Travel to annual conferences, attend receptions and awards program
Volunteer service for NBMBAA's annual conferences
Join NBMBAA's Scholarship Advisory Team and Scholarship Alumni Club

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is a national organization for certified accountants. As part of the AICPA, the Academic and Career Development Division offers several scholarship and fellowship programs.

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) is a professional organization that offers five scholarship opportunities:

Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship ($10,000)
Frank L. Greathouse Government Account Scholarship ($3,500)
George A. Nielson Public Investor Scholarship ($5,000)
Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship ($5,000)
Public Employee Retirement Research and Administration Scholarship ($4,000)

The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) promotes the educational advancement of opportunities through two kinds of scholarships to applicants pursuing degrees in Management Accounting, Financial Management, and Information Technology.

The JPMorgan Launching Leaders MBA Scholarship invites Black, Hispanic, and Native American MBA students to apply for a $40,000 scholarship that will go toward first-year tuition and placement in the MBA Summer Associate Program. The scholarship is renewable for a second year.

Nursing Scholarship Programs

If you're looking for nursing scholarships, and are willing to work in underserved areas after graduation, you could not only have all your costs of getting your nursing degree covered, you could also receive several hundred dollars a week as a stipend as long as you're in school. Nursing Scholarship Program (NSP) is a federally funded program that provides scholarships for students attending accredited U.S. nursing schools. In return for the scholarship, recipients must provide, for every year of support, two years of nursing service in areas experiencing a critical shortage of nurses.

Scholarship coverage provides for the following:
Tuition: pays for courses required for graduation only. Elective courses are not covered.
Fees: most general academic fees are covered.
Other Reasonable Costs: books, clinical supplies, instruments, insurance (health/life), school ID cards, travel, uniforms
Monthly Stipend: $1,269.00 per month before taxes. Receiving a stipend does not mean the student is a federal employee or is eligible for federal employee benefits. Scholarship support is limited to no more than four school years for full-time student contracts.

Nursing Service Commitment
In return for the scholarship, each applicant must provide, for every one year of support, two years of nursing service to a health care facility experiencing a critical shortage in nurses. Agreeing to honor the nursing service commitment is considered part of the application process and is formalized as a written contract between the student and the scholarship program office.

Note: If applicants are unsure of their ability to fulfill the service commitment, they are not advised to participate in the program.

Designated areas experiencing a critical nursing shortage:
United States
District of Columbia
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Territory of Guam
U.S. Virgin Islands
Territory of American Samoa
Republic of Palau
Republic of the Marshall Islands
Federated States of Micronesia

Eligibility Requirements:
U.S. citizenship; permanent residents are not eligible
Enrollment in one of the following accredited nursing school programs:
(Associate Degree, School of Nursing)
(Baccalaureate, School of Nursing)
(Graduate, School of Nursing)
(Diploma, School of Nursing)
Funding preference is given to full-time students enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program.
The designated location of the nursing service commitment must be selected from the list provided.
All applicants must sign and submit a legally binding contract.
All applicants must be free from any federal debt or judgment lien.
All applicants must not foresee any potential conflict in fulfilling their contract.

Funding Preferences
First Funding Preference is given to applicants with zero Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and who are currently enrolled as full-time students in an accredited undergraduate nursing program.

For more information, contact:

Nursing Scholarship Program
c/o HRSA Call Center
12530 Parklawn Drive, Suite 350
Rockville, MD 20852

Email: or 1-800-221-9393, Monday - Friday (except federal holidays), 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET

Teaching Scholarships

National Scholarships

There are literally thousands of teaching scholarships available. Here are just a few.

The American Association of Physics Teachers offers two scholarships. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled or planning to enroll in physics teacher prep. Recipients receive up to $2,000.

The National Association of Community College Teacher Education Program provides financial aid to community college students (or alternative certification/post-baccalaureate) who are pursuing teacher education. Awards are one-time gifts that do not exceed $1,000. Students must inquire within their school financial aid office to determine whether the school is participating in this program.

American Federation of Teachers

The Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship awards $1,000 to eligible graduate or undergraduate education majors. Essay requirement.

The Bright Futures Award: National ECE Scholarship Program awards four scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate degrees in early childhood education.

The Daniel Kovach Foundation Teaching Scholarship offers $500 grants to prospective teachers four times a year.

The Hoch Scientific Foundation is a privately funded organization that supports teaching careers in chemistry.

The Journalism Education Association offers up to three $1,000 awards to education majors to teach journalism. Recipients must be upper division or at the master's level in a college program.

The Siemens Scholarship offers scholarships to minority students interested in pursuing a teaching degree. Funded through the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and the United Negro Fund.

Specific School Scholarships
The Drexel University Noyce Scholarship
The University of Kentucky (Education)
University of Northern Illinois (Early Childhood Studies)
University of Wisconsin Madison (Education)

Corporate Funded Teaching Scholarships

The GlaxoSmithKline Endowed Scholarship Fund is offered to science teachers. Eligible candidates must be pursuing certification in Early Adolescence/Science or Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Science.

The State Farm Companies Foundation provides scholarships to eligible candidates teaching in Texas and Southern Illinois.

The Edward B. Rust Jr. Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to teaching candidates seeking national board certification in Illinois.

The UPS Foundation provides scholarships to teachers in Arizona who are pursuing certification in Early and Middle Childhood/Literacy; Reading Language Arts.

Boeing provides scholarships to teachers in the following school districts in Southern California: Compton Unified School District
Anaheim City School District
Anaheim Union School District
Eastside Union School District
Lancaster Unified School District
Simi Valley Unified School District
Conejo Valley Unified School District
Huntington Beach City School District
El Segundo Unified School District
Wisebarn Unified School District
Terrance Unified School District

Georgia Pacific provides scholarships for Atlanta Public School teachers seeking certification. Must teach in Atlanta Public Schools. Maximum award of $500 per teacher.

CITGO provides scholarships for Corpus Christi Independent School District teachers seeking certification. Awards are $750 for first-time candidates.

Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation provides scholarships to mathematics and science teachers in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Washington. Teachers seeking certification in Early Adolescence/Science, Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Science, Early Adolescence/Mathematics and Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Mathematics are encouraged to apply.

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