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Assistance Grant

The Assistance Grant is a Grant sponsored by Hofstra University.

Award Information:

Amount of Grant: Minimum: $2400, Average: $3500, Maximum: $5500
Requirements: Selection is based upon academic achievement, standardized test scores, and financial need.
Eligibility: College freshman

Sponsorship provided by:

Hofstra University
Memorial Hall, Room 202
Hempstead, NY 11549
Phone Number: 516 463 6680
Fax Number: 516 463 4936

You can find out more by contacting:

Donna Miranda
Financial Aid Technical Director

Phone Number: 516 463 6677

You should always carefully examine any material provided for the grant. Your best chance of success comes from finding out the requirements from the start and knowing if you fulfill them. A good first step is to identify the reason for involvement of the Hofstra University and their goals for the Assistance Grant. If you meet the requirements, you should determine if there is a decent shot to obtain the grant. After figuring out that you have a decent shot of going on to be one of the winners of the Assistance Grant, then it is worth it to fill out an application.

A vital detail of working toward obtaining the grant is paying close attention to the application. Occasionally the process can be drawn-out, but take the time to make sure that you fill out the application precisely and in its entirety. Pay careful attention so that you won't get passed over because of carelessness.

After the required forms have been mailed, you should note when the Assistance Grant confers the award and makes payment of the money so you'll be aware of whether or not it is possible to rely on the grant to help meet your financial needs and what assistance it will provide, you might have to follow certain conditions on what bills you can pay with the Assistance Grant. Recently it has become more burdensome to find ways to handle the increasing costs of education, and obtaining the Assistance Grant is often invaluable. If you don't end up getting the Assistance Grant, keep at it, you might find new grants for which you can apply.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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