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Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship

The Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship is a Fellowship sponsored by Society of Architectural Historians.

Award Information:

Amount of Fellowship: Award is to participate in the Society's domestic architecture study tour
Application Deadline: Early application recommended
Requirements: Applicant must be a student member of the Society of Architectural Historians.
Eligibility: Doctoral-level study

Sponsorship provided by:

Society of Architectural Historians
1365 North Astor Street
Chicago, IL 60610
Email Address:
Phone Number: 312 573 1365

You can find out more by contacting:

Awards Administrator

A good place to start is to search for the latest information on the fellowship. Getting the greatest odds of obtaining money is a result of initially researching the prerequisites and then determining if you qualify. Prior to starting, figure out the particular aims of the Society of Architectural Historians and what they hope to achieve with the Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship. If you meet the requirements, you should determine if you have any likelihood of actually getting the fellowship. After figuring out that you have a decent shot of actually being awarded the Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship, then you should fill out an application.

A crucial part of working toward obtaining the fellowship is paying close attention to the application. Occasionally the process can be time consuming and tiresome, but you shouldn't underestimate how important it is that your work was done precisely. It would be awful to lose out because of some minor point.

Once the application is sent off, figure out the timeframe regarding when the Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship distributes the money in order to stay informed about if it is possible to count on the fellowship to assist with the expenses associated with school and how it will assist with your future, you might have to follow certain conditions on what bills you can pay with the Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship. You might find it challenging to find ways to cover all of your financial needs, and being awarded the Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship is often invaluable. If you are not fortunate to receive the Carroll L.V. Meeks Fellowship, try not to be upset, you might find new fellowships for which you can apply.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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