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Deans Scholarship

The Deans Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by Saint Joseph's College.

Award Information:

Amount of Scholarship: Maximum: $8000
Requirements: Applicant must meet at least two of the following criteria: Minimum 3.2 GPA, rank in top 15% of class, minimum composite ACT score of 24 (combined SAT I score of 1100).
Eligibility: College freshman

Sponsorship provided by:

Saint Joseph's College
Highway 231 South, P.O. Box 890
Rensselaer, IN 47978
Email Address:
Phone Number: 219 866 6170
Fax Number: 219 866 6122

You can find out more by contacting:

Jeremy Spencer
Director of Admissions

It is important to investigate any material provided for the scholarship. Getting the greatest odds of success can be attained by first understanding the qualifications and then determining if you qualify. Before you even begin, seek to understand the particular aims of the Saint Joseph's College and their reason for offering the Deans Scholarship. If you meet the requirements, make sure you have a decent shot to receive the scholarship. After figuring out that you have a decent shot of going on to be awarded the Deans Scholarship, then it is worth it to use your time.

An important part in the process of trying for the scholarship is paying close attention to the application. Occasionally the process can be long and tiresome, but take the time to make sure that the forms are filled out properly and thoroughly. You don't want to miss out as the result of something that could have been avoided.

Once the application is sent off, you should note when the Deans Scholarship chooses a winner and distributes any funds so you'll be aware of whether or not you can rely on the scholarship to provide additional support for your financial needs and how it will help you out, as there may be restrictions on what bills you can pay with the Deans Scholarship. It can be difficult to be able to manage the increasing costs of education, and obtaining the Deans Scholarship can make things much easier. If you don't end up getting the Deans Scholarship, continue looking, there will be alternative scholarships that you can hopefully get.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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