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Displaced Homemakers Scholarship

The Displaced Homemakers Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc..

Award Information:

Application Deadline: 20-Jul
Requirements: Applicant must be full-time student who would not otherwise be able to complete educational goals due to family responsibilities. Funds may be used to assist with childcare, transportationand basic living expenses, etc. in addition to educational costs.

Sponsorship provided by:

Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc.
966 Hungerford Drive, Suite 12-B
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone Number: 240 314 7155
Fax Number: 240 314 7159

You can find out more by contacting:

It will help if you spend time looking into any material provided for the scholarship. A maximized likelihood of obtaining money will follow from initially researching the prerequisites and knowing if you fulfill them. A good first step is to seek to understand the particular aims of the Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc. and what they hope to achieve with the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship. If you meet the requirements, you should determine if there is a reasonable chance of actually getting the scholarship. After figuring out that you have the possibility of going on to be a recipient of the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship, then it is worth it to use your time.

One critical aspect of applying for the scholarship is paying close attention to the application. Occasionally the process can be drawn-out and laborious, but take the time to make sure that you fill out the application properly and thoroughly. Avoid mistakes that might make you get passed over because of some minor point.

Once the application is sent off, it's important to know when the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship distributes any funds so you'll be aware of whether or not you can rely on the scholarship to help meet any bills associated with your education and how it will assist with your future, you might have to follow certain conditions in what can be paid with the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship. Recently it has become more burdensome to cover the expenses associated with school, and making use of the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship to help with your financial aid is often invaluable. If you are not fortunate to receive the Displaced Homemakers Scholarship, continue looking, search for additional scholarships and you may find success elsewhere.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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