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Elms College (College of Our Lady of the Elms) Transfer Scholarship

The Elms College (College of Our Lady of the Elms) Transfer Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by Elms College (College of Our Lady of the Elms).

Award Information:

Amount of Scholarship: Minimum: $1000, Maximum: $3500
Application Deadline: None
Requirements: Applicant must have previously attended an accredited institution full-time and be a new applicant accepted as a full-time undergraduate. Financial aid transcript and application are required.
Eligibility: Other

Sponsorship provided by:

Elms College (College of Our Lady of the Elms)
291 Springfield Street
Chicopee, MA 01013
Phone Number: 413 592 3189 / 800 255 ELMS
Fax Number: 413 594 2781

You can find out more by contacting:

Edward Ciosek
Director of Financial Aid

One may find it helpful to investigate the background of the scholarship. The best shot of success will follow from first understanding the qualifications and making sure you meet them. Before you even begin, identify the particular aims of the Elms College (College of Our Lady of the Elms) and what they hope to achieve with the Transfer Scholarship. If you meet the requirements, verify that you have the possibility to obtain the scholarship. Upon determining that you have the possibility that you can be a recipient of the Transfer Scholarship, then it is useful to fill out an application.

A crucial detail of working toward obtaining the scholarship is filling out the application correctly. Occasionally the process can be lengthy and tedious, but you shouldn't underestimate how important it is that you fill out the application precisely and completely. It would be awful to miss out on a technicality.

After the required forms have been mailed, figure out the timeframe regarding when the Transfer Scholarship confers the award and actually dispenses the money so that you can know if you will be able to count on the scholarship to assist with any bills associated with your education and its personal usefulness, you might have to follow certain conditions in what can be paid with the Transfer Scholarship. Recently it has become more burdensome to find ways to manage all of your financial needs, and making use of the Transfer Scholarship as a supplement to your own resources is often invaluable. Even if you don't obtain the Transfer Scholarship, try not to be upset, you can find different scholarships that you can hopefully get.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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