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HOBY Scholarship

The HOBY Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by Rhodes College.

Award Information:

Amount of Scholarship: Average: $500
Application Deadline: 15-Jan
Requirements: Applicant must have been a participant in a HOBY seminar and must indicate interest on admissions application.
Eligibility: College freshman, Other

Sponsorship provided by:

Rhodes College
2000 North Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112
Email Address:
Phone Number: 901 843 3700
Fax Number: 901 843 3631

You can find out more by contacting:

David J. Wottle
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Email Address:

It will help if you check out the background of the scholarship. Getting the greatest odds of achieving your goal can be attained by first understanding the qualifications and then determining if you qualify. Before you even begin, be aware of the driving force for the Rhodes College and their goals for the HOBY Scholarship. If you are qualified, make sure you have a decent shot to receive the scholarship. If you think that you have a decent shot of going on to be one of the winners of the HOBY Scholarship, then it is useful to use your time.

One critical part in the process of trying for the scholarship is properly completing the forms. Occasionally the process can be long, but take the time to make sure that the forms are filled out properly and in its entirety. Avoid mistakes that might make you be denied as the result of something that could have been avoided.

After the required forms have been mailed, you should note when the HOBY Scholarship confers the award and makes payment of the money so that you can know if it is possible to count on the scholarship to assist with your financial needs and what assistance it will provide, stipulations may exist on what expenses are covered by the HOBY Scholarship. It can be difficult to cover the expenses associated with school, and obtaining the HOBY Scholarship to assist with your expenses can be a huge help. If you don't end up getting the HOBY Scholarship, keep at it, there are other scholarships and you may find success elsewhere.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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