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Judicial Internship

The Judicial Internship is a Internship sponsored by Supreme Court of the U.S..

Award Information:

Amount of Internship: Average: $1000
Application Deadline: June 1 (fall), October 10 (winter), March 10 (summer)
Requirements: Internship is for eight hours per day, five days per week in the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice. Applicant should have the following qualities: intellectual development, substantial research experience, some course work on constitutional law or the Supreme Court, a demonstrated capacity to absorb extensive information and analyze, summarize, and draw conclusions from it, ability and willingness to work closely with others in a complex and sensitive organization, capacity to undertake a variety of tasks as assigned and a willingness to undertake less glamourous tasks, an ability to function with a low profile in an hierarchical institution, unusual trustworthiness and discretion, maturity, a nondoctrinaire approach to projects and issues, good judgement, and self-sustaining motivation and initiative. Applicant should submit resume, official transcript, written statement presenting reasons for seeking internship, a writing sample, three letters of recommendation, and an essay of at least two pages concerning applicant's view of the importance of the American constitutional system. Depending on funding, a $1,000 scholarship may be available to interns who sucessfully complete the internship and return to an undergraduate or enroll in a graduate or professional degree program within one year after internship.
Eligibility: Other

Sponsorship provided by:

Supreme Court of the U.S.
Judicial Fellows Program, Administrative Director, Room 5
Washington, DC 20543

You can find out more by contacting:

Judicial Fellow
Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the United States, Room 5
Washington, DC 20543
Phone Number: 202 479 3415

You should always carefully examine available information on the internship. A maximized likelihood of success is a result of first understanding the qualifications and then determining if you qualify. Prior to starting, be aware of the reason for involvement of the Supreme Court of the U.S. and what they hope to achieve with the Judicial Internship. If you meet the requirements, make sure there is a decent shot to obtain the internship. If you think that there is a good chance that you can be awarded the Judicial Internship, then you should put forth the effort to apply.

A vital detail in the process of trying for the internship is filling out the application correctly. Some forms are time consuming, but take the time to make sure that you fill out the application accurately and without omission. Pay careful attention so that you won't be bumped because of some minor point.

After the required forms have been mailed, figure out the timeframe regarding when the Judicial Internship actually dispenses the money in order to know whether or not you will be able to count on the internship to provide additional support for the expenses associated with school and its personal usefulness, since there might be constraints on what expenses are covered by the Judicial Internship. You might find it challenging to be able to manage all of your financial needs, and getting the Judicial Internship to help with your financial aid can provide significant support. If you are not fortunate to receive the Judicial Internship, don't give up, you might find new internships and you may find success elsewhere.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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