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KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship

The KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by KNTV Television.

Award Information:

Application Deadline: 21-Apr
Requirements: Applicant must be African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, or American Indian, carry a minimum of 12 semester units during each school semester, have at least one full year of undergraduate coursework remaining, be a resident of Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, San Francisco, Almeda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Marin, Sonoma, Solano, or Napa Counties, and attend an accredited four-year institution in California. Selection is based upon applicant's interest in television, financial need, community involvement, academic achievement, and career aspirations. Applicant must submit application with short biography statind background, interest, career goals, and financial need, two letters of recommendation (one from someone in community and other from instruction/professional in speech, drama, or journalism), and copy of transcript.
Eligibility: College sophomore, College junior

Sponsorship provided by:

KNTV Television
ATTN: Janet Neill, 645 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone Number: 408 286 1111
Fax Number: 408 295 5461

You can find out more by contacting:

Melba Dangerfield
Community Relations Director

Fax Number: 408 295 6502

One may find it helpful to check out available information on the scholarship. The best shot of success can be attained by finding out the requirements from the start and then determining if you qualify. Before you even begin, identify the potential motivations of the KNTV Television and their goals for the KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship. Once that is done, figure out if you have a decent shot of actually getting the scholarship. Once you believe that there is a good chance that you can be one of the winners of the KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship, then it is worth it to fill out an application.

A crucial detail in the process of trying for the scholarship is paying close attention to the application. Occasionally the process can be time consuming and laborious, but it is absolutely critical that the forms are filled out correctly and thoroughly. Use caution to insure that you will not lose out because of some minor point.

After the required forms have been mailed, it's important to know when the KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship chooses a winner and distributes the resources so you'll be aware of whether or not it is possible to count on the scholarship to assist with the expenses associated with school and how it will help you out, stipulations may exist on how you can use the KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship. Recently it has become more burdensome to find ways to cover the increasing costs of education, and making use of the KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship to help with your financial aid can be a huge help. If you don't end up getting the KNTV News Channel 11 Scholarship, don't give up, there are other scholarships that you can hopefully get.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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