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Richard W. Leopold Prize

The Richard W. Leopold Prize is a Contest sponsored by Organization of American Historians.

Award Information:

Amount of Contest: Average: $1500
Application Deadline: 1-Oct
Requirements: Prize is given for the best book written by a historian connected with federal, state, or municipal government, in the areas of foreign policy, military affairs broadly construed, the historical activities of the federal government, or biography in one of the above areas.

Sponsorship provided by:

Organization of American Historians
112 North Bryan Avenue, PO Box 5457
Bloomington, IN 47408-5457
Phone Number: 812 855 9852
Fax Number: 812 855 0696

You can find out more by contacting:

Award and Prize Committee Coordinator

Bloomington, IN 47408-5457
Phone Number: 812 855 9852
Fax Number: 812 855 0696

It will help if you thoroughly research any material provided for the contest. The best shot of success is a result of initially researching the prerequisites and making sure you meet them. Prior to starting, identify the potential motivations of the Organization of American Historians and their goals for the Richard W. Leopold Prize. If you are qualified, verify that there is a reasonable chance of actually getting the contest. Once you believe that you have the possibility of actually being one of the winners of the Richard W. Leopold Prize, then it is useful to fill out an application.

A vital aspect in the process of trying for the contest is paying close attention to the application. Applications can sometimes be lengthy and boring, but it is absolutely critical that you fill out the application precisely and completely. Pay careful attention so that you won't get passed over on a technicality.

After the required forms have been mailed, it's important to know when the Richard W. Leopold Prize chooses a winner and actually dispenses the money so you'll be aware of whether or not you will be able to count on the contest to assist with your financial needs and how it will help you out, you might have to follow certain conditions on how you can use the Richard W. Leopold Prize. It can be difficult to cover all of your financial needs, and having the additional resources of the Richard W. Leopold Prize as a supplement to your own resources can be a huge help. If you don't end up getting the Richard W. Leopold Prize, try not to be upset, there are other contests and your persistence may be rewarded.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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