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Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship

The Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship is a Scholarship sponsored by Kosciuszko Foundation.

Award Information:

Amount of Scholarship: Average: $1000
Application Deadline: 16-Jan
Requirements: Applicant must be a full-time student in the United States and a U.S. citizens of Polish descent, American of non-Polish descent whose primary academic interests are Polish subjects, or a Pole who is a permanent residents of the United States. Selection is based upon academic excellence, special achievement and activities, and study or involvement in the Polish American community. Request for common tuition scholarship application must include statement of descent and/or area of studies, level of eduations, current GPA.
Eligibility: College junior, College senior, Master's-level study

Sponsorship provided by:

Kosciuszko Foundation
15 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10021
Phone Number: 212 734 2130
Fax Number: 212 628 4552

You can find out more by contacting:

15 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10021
Phone Number: 212 734 2130

You should always thoroughly research the background of the scholarship. A maximized likelihood of success will follow from initially researching the prerequisites and making sure you meet them. A good first step is to identify the reason for involvement of the Kosciuszko Foundation and their goals for the Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship. After making sure you satisfy the prerequisites, make sure you have a reasonable chance of actually getting the scholarship. If you think that there is a good chance of actually being one of the winners of the Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship, then you should put forth the effort to apply.

A vital part in the process of trying for the scholarship is properly completing the forms. Some forms are drawn-out, but take the time to make sure that the forms are filled out precisely and in its entirety. Pay careful attention so that you won't be bumped because of some minor point.

After filing, figure out the timeframe regarding when the Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship confers the award and distributes the money so that you can know if you will be able to count on the scholarship to provide additional support for any bills associated with your education and how it will help you out, as there may be restrictions in what can be paid with the Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship. Increasingly, it is tough to be able to handle the increasing costs of education, and being awarded the Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship as a supplement to your own resources can make things much easier. If you are not fortunate to receive the Stephen P. Mizwa Scholarship, continue looking, there are other scholarships and you may find success elsewhere.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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