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Tuition Aid Grant

The Tuition Aid Grant is a Grant sponsored by New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority.

Award Information:

Amount of Grant: Minimum: $866, Maximum: $7074
Application Deadline: June 1 for renewal students; October 1 for students who did not receive the award during the prior academic year
Requirements: Applicant must be or intend to be a full-time undergraduate at a New Jersey college or university, demonstrate financial need, and must have lived in New Jersey for at least 12 consecutive months. Grant amount is based upon applicant's need and college choice.
Eligibility: College freshman, College sophomore, College junior, College senior

Sponsorship provided by:

New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority
Four Quakerbridge Plaza, P.O. Box 071
Hamilton, NJ 08625-0540
Phone Number: 800 792 8670
Fax Number: 609 588 2390

You can find out more by contacting:

Cathleen Lewis
Assistant Director
4 Quaker Bridge Plaza, P.O. Box 071
Hamilton, NJ 08608
Phone Number: 609 588 3280

It is important to spend time looking into available information on the grant. Your best chance of obtaining money will follow from finding out the requirements from the start and knowing if you fulfill them. Prior to starting, try to recognize the driving force for the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority and what they hope to achieve with the Tuition Aid Grant. If you meet the requirements, make sure there is a reasonable chance of being awarded the grant. If you think that there is a good chance of going on to be a recipient of the Tuition Aid Grant, then you should use your time.

A crucial detail of working toward obtaining the grant is properly completing the forms. Occasionally the process can be long and tedious, but take the time to make sure that your work was done precisely and in its entirety. It would be awful to be denied as the result of something that could have been avoided.

After the required forms have been mailed, figure out the timeframe regarding when the Tuition Aid Grant chooses a winner and actually dispenses the money so that you can know if it is possible to count on the grant to assist with your financial needs and how it will assist with your future, since there might be constraints on what expenses are covered by the Tuition Aid Grant. It can be difficult to be able to cover the expenses associated with school, and making use of the Tuition Aid Grant to help with your financial aid can make things much easier. If you don't end up getting the Tuition Aid Grant, keep at it, you might find new grants that you can hopefully get.

Last Updated: 12/18/2015


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